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Cindy Lung

Class of 2014-2015

About Cindy

(updated 6/2015) Cindy Lung graduated with a Bachelor’s in Education Studies and Sociology and a Master’s in Education Policy from Brown University. During her years at Brown, she worked for notable research institutions and non-profit organizations, including the Annenberg Institute for School Reform and Rhode Island Kids Count. After Brown, she lived in Kosovo on a Fulbright fellowship where she served as an assistant English Instructor at a public elementary school. Her academic interests include researching the social context of learning and development among different cultural communities and studying contemporary school reform in the United States.
As a Luce Scholar in  Taiwan , working for the  National Academy for Educational Research (NAER), Cindy supported projects on digital learning, higher education reform, and group representations in textbooks as well as assisted with translation of education news from Chinese to English.  She served as a speaker for NAER’s monthly roundtable discussions and a guest lecturer at an affiliated university to inform interested audiences about American education policy. Her placement at NAER has guided her understanding of the pressing issues and controversies in Taiwan’s educational reform space that are often overlooked internationally. Outside of NAER, she has also collaborated with an ethnology professor to evaluate the social conditions of Vietnamese women in Taiwan who are in transnational marriages with Taiwanese men.
Aside from her work, Cindy is a hiking enthusiast and an active street food participant who enjoys eating stinky tofu, durian, and chicken feet. Learning Mandarin Chinese is one of her favorite pastimes in Taiwan and she hopes to continue her language study after her Luce year.

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