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The Luce Scholars Program

Established in 1974, the Luce Scholars Program is a competitive leadership development fellowship that provides emerging leaders with immersive professional experiences in Asia. We aim to strengthen relationships across borders by offering Scholars opportunities to deepen their understanding of Asia's countries, cultures, and people. Through this yearlong immersion, the Program equips scholars with knowledge and skills to address global leadership challenges and build a more interconnected world.

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What is the Luce Scholars Program?An Immersive Experience in Asia

The Luce Scholars Program is a yearlong opportunity for emerging leaders to deepen their ties and understanding of Asia’s countries, cultures, and people. Through language training and cultural immersion at a job placement aligned with your interests, you will gain invaluable insights and firsthand experience of life in a different country while developing the skills and understanding to become a global leader.

There is no more effective way to build mutual understanding and cultivate a shared purpose than through sustained, immersive, and in-person engagement with others. The Luce Scholars Program provides a platform for deep engagement with local communities, fostering lasting connections and broadening perspectives.

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If you go to a place you've never been before and you feel totally comfortable, you're not paying attention. It's part of what it is to be with the unfamiliar. And we believe that developing as a leader requires you to know how to find new parts of yourself in all kinds of environments.
Mariko Silver| President and CEO, Henry Luce Foundation

What is Life Like as a Luce Scholar?A Life-Defining Year

Luce Scholars live and work throughout Northeast, Southeast, and South Asia in any given year. They are in big cities and small villages in diverse fields such as public health, the arts, economic development, environmental science, and more. The Scholars contribute their talents to NGOs, government agencies, private companies, universities, think tanks, and museums. 

As a Luce Scholar, each day brings new adventures and opportunities. You’ll work with mentors in a field that interests you, learn a new language, and gain valuable perspective through cultural immersion. You will expand your community by connecting with fellow Luce Scholars from your cohort, tapping into the extensive network of alums, and with the people you spend time with in your host country.

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Since 1974, the Henry Luce Foundation has sent cohorts of early career leaders from the United States to Asia, investing in the idea that immersive, cross-cultural experiences can shape lives and build bridges between the United States and the countries, cultures, and communities that comprise Asia. In partnership with Th...

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For 50 years, the Luce Scholars Program has aimed to engage young professionals who may not typically have access to opportunities to immerse themselves in and cultivate professional connections within Asia, regardless of their career focus.

Luce Scholars are open-minded and curious.They are open to new ideas and new perspectives. They come from various fields and backgrounds, but share a common objective—to contribute to a better world.

We seek candidates who demonstrate the following traits and interests:

  • Exploratory curiosity
  • Interest and embrace of diverse perspectives, beliefs, and modes of living
  • Adaptability
  • Open-mindedness
  • Resilience
  • Humility
  • Commitment to serving and supporting others
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