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Diana Won

Class of 2015-2016

About Diana

(updated 6/2016) Diana Won is a Luce Scholar at the  Merry Year Social Company in Seoul, South Korea . While at MYSC, she has helped launch the Development Innovation Lab’s Inclusive Business Community of Korea in partnership with the UNDP, monitored and evaluated Korean social entrepreneurs through a KOICA project, lectured at universities and conferences ranging from Phnom Penh to Taipei, and recently led MYSC’s B Corp certification process. Prior to Luce, Diana received her Master of Public Policy (MPP) at the University of Michigan’s Ford School, completing internships at the USAID Global Development Lab and US Embassy in Lima, Peru. At the Ford School, she worked as an associate at the BoP Global Network, integrating knowledge across the global network and helping to coordinate the BoP Global Summit. MYSC is now the first BoP Lab in South Korea and she serves as its lab leader. At the William Davidson Institute, Diana researched and analyzed the 15-year long partnership between USAID and Walmart, conducting qualitative interviews with staff from Washington, D.C. to San José, Costa Rica, resulting in a business school case study on the complexities of partnership, strategic alignment, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability. Diana was a paralegal at Sheldon Lobel P.C. where she worked with wide-ranging clients on zoning, planning, and development issues. Diana has had extensive experience in Latin America, where she lived and worked as a Fulbright grantee (2011-12) in Bucaramanga, Colombia and in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she studied abroad, focusing on issues of gender, poverty, and internal displacement. Diana completed her undergraduate degree in Urban Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University. Diana will continue to work at the intersection of business and policy to promote inclusive growth, creating opportunities for collaboration and innovation for social impact across sectors and industries. 

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