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Jennifer Groman

Class of 1992-1993

About Jennifer

I currently  lead NASA’s Facilities Engineering program to include construction project planning, facilities’ budget programming, prioritization and funds allocation. In addition I am responsible for developing the Agency’s operation and maintenance (O&M) budget, projected allocation to the different NASA sites and Centers and O&M policy. My team is responsible for NASA’s annual construction program for construction of facilities including new construction, major repairs and energy savings projects.   I identify annual funding needs across NASA to the President and Congress for different construction, energy, renovation and infrastructure replacement projects as well as operations and maintenance. I also allocate the resulting annual construction budget to NASA centers, prioritizing projects based on risk analysis and Agency requirements. I lead the policy team for construction, maintenance programs, energy and sustainable buildings for NASA centers and Mission Directorates.
Following my Luce Scholar placement, I worked in Malaysia, Australia, Texas, Maryland and DC. While I did a stint in private sector as a consulting architect in historic preservation, most of my career has been in public service whether for local government in Australia or for the Pentagon or NASA. I had a long and rewarding career in historic preservation and preservation policy protecting historical sites and architecture in Malaysia, Australia and across the U.S. While at NASA I transitioned to the construction and operations side of the house, supporting NASA’s missions through the upkeep of our infrastructure and supporting the construction to meet missions of the future.

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