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Quinton Hayre

Class of 2023-2024

About Quinton

Quinton Hayre is a senior undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame majoring in Science Preprofessional and Global Affairs with a concentration in International Development Studies and a minor in Real Estate. He was born and raised in Seattle, Washington in a family that practiced both Greek Orthodoxy and Sikhism. In Seattle, he learned to engage with his community through issues such as childhood literacy, cancer care, suicide awareness, and homelessness. In high school, Quinton had the opportunity to travel with a Peace Corps volunteer to an 80-person village in Fiji for a summer. Additionally, he worked for Water1st International on promoting community-led clean water and sanitation projects in Honduras. These experiences, mixed with his family’s cultural and ethnic diversity, drove a passion for global public health. At Notre Dame, Quinton regularly interacts with the staff of the Global Health Department and through these conversations he identifies the complexity of the field and finds a number of opportunities to gain practical and experiential skills. Quinton leads the Partners in Health Engage club at Notre Dame where he helps to connect undergraduate students to individuals in Notre Dame’s Global Health Department and the Partners in Health network. Additionally, he works as the only undergraduate in an entomology lab where he researches malaria transmission and has developed strong data science coding skills in R and a deep understanding of experimental design in international projects. Quinton took his academic knowledge and global public health skills from his first three years at Notre Dame and designed an independent research project in rural Fiji, returning to the same village from his summer in high school. After spending a semester writing a project proposal, practicing his methodology on the local community, and successfully applying for International Review Board approval, he spent six weeks interviewing members of his small village of residence on community water governance. His project was a success, and he hopes to present his findings in a publication and professional conferences such as the Human Development Conference. In his free time, Quinton enjoys rowing competitively, camping with his friends, and spending time with his family and dogs. He is a serious sports fan following all Seattle-based professional and collegiate athletics intensely.

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