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Robert Rogers

Class of 2016-2017

About Robert

(updtead 6/2017) Originally from a small town in Southeastern Michigan, Rob Rogers is currently a Luce Scholar with the  Development and Policies Research Center (DEPOCEN) in  Hanoi, Vietnam , where he contributes to a wide variety of development policy analysis projects throughout the country. His individual research at the center focuses on the socio-demographic disparities in Vietnamese adolescents’ knowledge of sexual health and contraceptive methods. Before coming to Vietnam, Rob worked for four months as a project assistant at the UNESCO office in Dakar, Senegal, where he helped analyze the impacts of an HIV education program in West Africa and assisted UNESCO in their sexual education advocacy efforts. Prior to his time in Africa and Asia, Rob completed a M.A. in Globalization and Public Policy with high honors from Sciences Po Aix, the French Political Science institute in Aix-en-Provence, and a B.A. in Philosophy with honors and distinction from the University of Michigan. As an undergraduate in Ann Arbor, he worked for three summers as a research assistant and project leader with the University of Michigan Health System, where he researched Project Healthy Schools, an educational intervention aimed at reducing childhood obesity in Detroit schoolchildren. Rob remains passionate about the alleviation of health and educational disparities, both in the United States and abroad. After his Luce fellowship, Rob will continue to pursue a career at the intersection of public health and education policy. In his free time, Rob enjoys travel, snowboarding, studying languages, and craft beer.

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